Sonya’s Garden

Mom promised to bring me at Sonya’s Garden that’s why we had our lunch at the peaceful and cozy restaurant. Since it’s Christmas which is their peak season, there were many diners enjoying the place as well.

This is the set menu for the lunch and dinner. This is an Eat All You Can style at a rate of 610 per person. It includes green salad, bread, pasta, dessert, and drinks.

For the pasta, aldente linguine can be enjoyed in two sauces such as sun dried tomatoes and chicken cream with mango. It can be topped with salmon belly,ratatouille, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers, parmesan cheese, and chili flakes.

For the dessert we had these sweet food fingers.

Sonya’s Garden also features aesthetically beautiful architecture.

I was also entertained by their various signages all over the place.

And here, have a dose of me. Look at my shirt! lol

Sonya’s Garden also offers spa services, overnight stays, and retreat activities. You can visit their website for more information. I will definitely visit again and probably have spa there! 🙂


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