Habitual Contradictions

Several vacation days have passed but I haven’t done anything to spice up my summer break. So far, I have been jogging walking during 6 am at the nearby memorial park but for the record, I haven’t broken into much sweat. Consider the fact that I munch on chocolate chip cookies after that not so strenuous activity.

I failed to do my habitual grocery that’s why I ran out of food posts to blog. I have so many dishes in mind but it is the remoteness of our area that hinders the materialization of such dish. Say for example, I wanted to make a simple Italian pasta. Heck, I do not have lemon nor lime. And no, I do not want calamansi juice for substitute. I cannot find flank steaks nor the simplest chicken breast cuts. Instead, I made a chicken stock, which is simpler, earlier for Sunday’s seafood/chicken (depends but more prolly chicken) chowder which I learned from Barefoot Contessa.

The other day, my mom and my dad went to our farm and harvested organic tomatoes. I searched for a basic tomato sauce and recipe and came up with this Angel Hair Pasta in Naked Tomato Sauce with Feta Cheese.

What’s good about this dish is that it takes only more or less an hour for prep and cooking time. It tastes fresh since fresh ingredients are used. The acidity of the tomatoes were broken down by the olive oil and was balanced out by the feta cheese. I would’ve preferred on using spaghetti or penne for this kind of sauce though.

Go devour on my photos! Just email me or comment below if you want the recipe. It’s really easy.


6 thoughts on “Habitual Contradictions

  1. chester! Of course alala pa kita… and wow you're into cooking! Ang sarap naman nyan. Seeing the pics make me want to eat pasta tonight.btw linked you na! :DD

  2. wow chester.. this looks yummy.. haha thanks for showing this mouth watering food.. hahaha seems like i wanna eat pasta.. lol i think it has less carbs.. i have a figure to maintainhttp://melleleee.tumblr.com

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