Sunday Cooking

I know Sundays have been gloomy and I think it will forever be disheartening to a kid of prosaic mind like me. Although mom has managed to enliven my desolate mood by bringing home bags of ingredients (goat cheese, parmesan cheese, lemon, honey, asparagus, basil leaves, leeks, etc.) from the grocery, I still feel uninspired and deplored. Maybe, I am turned off by the fact that I failed to bring my camera to the service center for it needs thorough cleaning. Plus, mom once mentioned that she wanted a new lens for the camera but I know that mom’s words are almost fictional.

Well, anyways, being the positive man that I am, I encouraged myself to be high spirited despite the lonely facts that I have just said. I cooked another simple pasta salad dish in my own liking and preferences.

I fancied on the aesthetic attraction that this pack of bowtie pasta brought upon and so I disregarded the fusili that I originally intended to use. I had trouble cooking the pasta since it has an irregular shape. I almost overdone them to the point that the ribbon figure broke up while straining them.

I used tinned sweet corn, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and honey. I steamed the florets for like 3-4 minutes or until tender.

For the salad dressing which is honey vinaigrette, I used one part olive oil, one part honey, a pinch of salt and dash of pepper, a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, lemon zest, and some lemon juice. Instead of whisking them in a separate bowl, I put these in small jar and shake vigorously until I get the emulsified mixture. Life became easier since then. lol

In a large bowl, I tossed all the ingredients with enough dressing until evenly distributed. Well, I don’t like my salad soaked up on the liquid mixture I made.

Also, I squeezed in some fresh oranges beforehand to quench my unforgivable thirst. Roughly, I used 8-10 oranges for half to quarter liter of orange juice. I think I wasted a lot of the fruit flesh though. I could have used a juicer instead.

Ha! You guys, I like protein. Who doesn’t? To excite the dish, I thought of eating it with pan grilled chicken breasts. A little seasoning (salt and pepper, a must!), and of they go to the pan.

For this cut, it took 2-3 minutes on each side to perfectly cook the chicken. That is, soft and juicy on the inside but not raw! lol

How about you, guys? How was your Sunday?

10 thoughts on “Sunday Cooking

  1. Pasta, veggies, chicken.. Substitute chicken with fish and I am totally getting a bowl of that! Penge recipe, Chester. :)))) But for srs, natatakam ako and gusto ko syang subukan!! :(- Anna

  2. Can you please adopt me so that you can feed me with your yummy cooking? Haha ang galing mo magluto! Astig! Oh and I like the knife in one of the pictures coz it's baby blue ❤ Haha yun pa talaga napansin noh?

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