Seoul Trip / Day 3

The third and final day at Seoul was just like a filler. After getting off the jimjilbang, we headed towards Gangnam to the Bongeunsa Temple which happens to be a Buddhist Temple. Again, Korean traditional architecture for ya’ll.

 photo IMG_1761_zps27f27188.jpg  photo IMG_1764_zps4713e7aa.jpg  photo IMG_1763_zpse7289a7a.jpg
 photo IMG_1751_zps5fc370eb.jpg  photo IMG_1757_zpsafe6563e.jpg

That day, we were able to witness some worshippers do their rituals and ceremonies (see video below). It was solemn but there were a number of tourists roaming around the area as well. There were also photographs displayed on the garden which were for sale. Prices can be as high as 100,000 Won.

 photo IMG_1765_zpsc618141d.jpg  photo IMG_1776_zpsf0debd81.jpg  photo IMG_1777_zpsf103bea7.jpg
 photo IMG_1771_zps9795eeba.jpg   photo IMG_1778_zps2a06ef7a.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zpsf987bde5.jpg
 photo IMG_1807_zps02a3e4bf.jpg  photo IMG_1804_zps32127296.jpg  photo IMG_1808_zpsaa4ea57e.jpg
 photo IMG_1799_zps15626ec9.jpg  photo IMG_1786_zps3248b3c3.jpg  photo IMG_1788_zps6ebe99aa.jpg

We had lunch at a restaurant which serves cold noodles somewhere in Gangnam. By cold noodles, I mean real cold soup with crushed ice. No, I don’t like it. Thank god for charcoal pork cutlets for redemption.

 photo IMG_1779_zpsb50d2618.jpg   photo IMG_1823_zps65994fff.jpg

Before heading back to Gumi, we strolled around the area which stood high with glamorous buildings, incuding the Samsung Headquarters. I posted a link below where you can see the window cleaners of the said building.

 photo IMG_1828_zpsa7fd2dc5.jpg  photo IMG_1833_zpsabd520cb.jpg
 photo IMG_1836_zps8b7206a6.jpg  photo IMG_1844_zpsa5ad5662.jpg


Bonus:  See Samsung Electronics window cleaners unbelievably hanging on those skyscrapers.

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101 thoughts on “Seoul Trip / Day 3

  1. Woooww! You went to Korea pala. I think di ko rin magugustuhan yung cold noodles. :)) But it’s good to try for once. XD Ang ganda ng design ng building… so unique. Nakakabighani talaga ang pagpreserve nila ng culture. 🙂

  2. Cool! Is it expensive to travel in Korea? I am planning to go to incheong or china maybe next year eh. Prio ko is Korea but thy say it’s kind of expensive daw esp the cabs.

      1. Yes yes. There’s alot of guest house for backpackers. The one we stayed in has a rate of 14,000 won/night. We also stayed in a jimjilbang (sauna) because it’s really cheaper. Staying in there means sleeping on the floor with just a pillow and mat on. Plus, you have to really get naked. It requires some guts though. Haha.

      1. ah, you need only follow my blog and you will get a notice every time there is a post. I looked for the follow button on yours, I wanted to keep up with what you are posting especially the pictures.

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am enjoying exploring your blog. I am following you now. My husband is Filipino and I’ve been to Korea a few times Expect to hear from me again soon! Salamat Po. (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Hi Shalunya! Wow, I didn’t noticed that your husband was a Filipino. Anyways, we’re good lovers right? Haha. Anyway, it really means a lot that you say that. I will try to keep up with the good posts. And I shall bookmark your page too.

      Do you speak Filipino well? You shall visit the Philippines too. It’s an amazing place as well. 🙂

      1. Most definitely! I am visiting Japan after Xams. But I reckon Seoul will be too cold to visit for me then. My mom likes Korean TV drama and she was there a few times. Unfortunately, she has extremely fussy eating habit and avoids eating all those delicious Korean BBQ. She doesn’t know what she is missing… (=_=;)

      2. Ohhh Japan. I was supposed to go to Japan but I got lazy to complete my visa requirements. So I ditched it.
        My sister likes Kdrama to.
        and oh, tell your mother that korean bbq (and chicken) are forced to be reckoned with when it comes to the most delicious food. Definitely a must try.

        The weather is really getting colder in here. It ranges from 5C-20C and will get colder in the few weeks. If ever, this would be my first time to experience snoooooow!

  4. Love the pics! And I once accidentally ordered cold noodles at a Korean restaurant. I had no idea that it was cold and got the biggest shock. I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan of them either.

  5. Looks like a very fun trip. I just LOVE the photos. Especially the Samsung Building, very cool. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a link. I’ll make sure to stop by yours again soon!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment! Returning the favor to you and checking out some of your photography. You have some really nice pictures. Your compositions are good and your subject matter is definitely very interesting. Have you ever considered focusing on specific subject matters and creating concise collections for a gallery or something?

    1. Hey man, thanks! That means alot.

      Actually, I am into photography. But school eats up time so I have to sacrifice. And I wanna get some new cameras too. For these photos, I used my iPhone only. 😐
      Thanks for the compliments, man.

  7. The only thing I like about Korea is their food (except for that weird kimchi thing haha). It’s a pretty neat-looking country din pala. Nice 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, btw 🙂

  8. The only thing I like about Korea is their food (except for that weird kimchi thing haha). It’s a pretty neat-looking country din pala. Nice! And your photos are ahmazeballs :p

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

  9. This must had been an experience to remember the images are perfect great architecture. Thanks for visiting my blog I know the fashion might not be for you but I do write about other thing you might be interested like recipe today Mussel in a snap welcome to visit. Following you by bloglovin follow back thanks.

  10. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! The buffet rate is around 1700+ per person. 🙂

    Wow Korea!!! I hope I can visit South Korea someday too and see how pretty it is and experience their culture. And sana makita ko ang Girls Generation. Haha!! Ang ganda sobra and your photos are all pretty! 🙂

  11. Glad I stumbled on your page. Love the pictures that you posted. I’ve heard great things about Seoul and how clean the place is.

    And this is the first time I’ve heard of cold noodles. Cold noodles would just be too blasphemous in the name of Ramen. o.O

  12. Wow, that looks like an absolutely amazing adventure. The photographs look wonderful!

    That curved building, or wavy (haha) is just, wow. :O

  13. Oh gosh, I am super jealous that you went Korea. It looks beautiful in your pictures! I definitely need to visit soon. I did a stop over for a couple of hours at Incheon Airport when I went to the Philippines, but we didn’t get to leave the airport 😦

  14. Hello there! I had to read the Day 1 and Day 2 posts just because I want to. Haha. I mean, I can’t miss the first two days, right? :)) Sa third day mo palang, parang gusto ko na pumunta ng Korea! Huhu ang mahal kasi, and kailangan pa ng Visa. 😦

    I noticed they’re really religious. They have a lot of temples and religious traditions to celebrate.

    Ang weird nung cold soup. Feeling ko di ko din magugustuhan haha

    Ang cool ng Samsung Building! :))) I wanna see that! :))

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