A Day Trip Adventure in Daegu

I have heard of Daegu so many times (maybe even more than I have heard of Seoul) already simply because it is the hometown of a big percentage of KIT students hence the word of mouth that “Daegu is this, Daegu is that.” According to the this-and-that theory, Daegu is the 3rd or 4th largest city in all South Korea. They also claim that Daegu has a livelier night life as compared to Gumi (duh, Gumi is like a ghost town at night) since the dowtown area is much bigger.

Normally, it takes just 30 minutes by train (not KTX) from Gumi Stn. to Daegu Stn. When I went there last Saturday, I paid 3,100 won for the non-seating ticket. I departed past 9 am and was at Daegu city center by 9:40, I guess. That time, 90% of the stores are still closed that’s why I decided to grab a map from the tourist information booth (which you can find after getting down from the train station) and walk towards the silent and empty streets of Daegu. I have zero idea of where to go. I saw signages that there were city bus tours at Dongdaegu (East Daegu) leaving at 11 am or so. Heck, it would be very costly for me to take the train since it’s just a station away but would be very tiring if I walk through it. To my delight, I saw another street sign which points to some park called Gyeongsang-gamyeong and to Daegu Modern Art History Museum. There were nothing really fabulous besides traditional Korean architecture (Can we count how many times have I mentioned traditional Korean Architecture in this blog? Damn.) except if you’re a history buff or something.

Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park (free entrance)


Daegu Modern Art History Museum (free entrance)

 photo IMG_2071_zps7885d6e8.jpg

It’s still cracks me up how tourist places like this in Korea are free while in the Philippines you have to pay even the smallest amount of money. Anyway, after getting a hint of mundaneness for almost an hour and a half, I took a look at my map again and contemplated on going to Dalseong Park or not. It ended up with me walking for almost 40 minutes to reach that park which did not fail me to be fair. I got to enter this park (more of a zoo actually) for free again and waited for my Korean friends who lives nearby.

Motorcylce Street
I passed by this Motorcycle Street on my way to Dalseong Park. I am making a wild guess that it is called by such name because….look at that picture baby.

Dalseong Park (free entrance)


Sorry for the photo spam but I swear there’s a lot more. I skipped taking pictures of the fowls which are of more than 10 kinds. I have to save my phone’s battery for some reasons. But hey, here’s a very cute video of the fur seals playing around.

There was sort of a feeding program happening for senior citizens as well. I really thought I was getting free food that time but the “luck” god says “it’s too much Chester, you get everything for free.” Lol.


Right after I finished wandering the whole park, I met up my Korean friend for a quick lunch at Seomoon Market. Good lord, I swear I will willfully trade ramen or ramyeon to the noodles I ate that time. It’s called Kaljebi which is a mixture of sujebi and kalguksu noodles in pork or seafood broth. I am definitely going back to Daegu because of this big bowl of noodles.


I have more stories to tell but basically after this, I kind of celebrated my birthday already (Without these Korean friends knowing that it would be actually my birthday the next day. I got spanks and punches after they learned about it. Hahahaha!). The Thor 4D movie experience happened next, then the drinking session, then my dramatic dragging of oneself to the hostel which you can all see here.

For me, Daegu is Little Seoul or maybe because I haven’t been to Busan or Incheon. But surely, if you wanted a busy street and a night with so much life but without a big crowd (like what Seoul has) then Daegu is the place to be. 😉


52 thoughts on “A Day Trip Adventure in Daegu

  1. Such a lovely place. Would love to try the noodles. I loved the thread noodles in ginseng chicken soup with lots of traditional Korean white wine when I was there many many years ago…so much that I wanted to have it every meal. So very nice!

  2. Omg, I found that strange when I went to the Philippines. The museums and stuff are mostly free over here in the UK, but when I went to the Philippines recently we had to pay for the ones we went to.

    Looks like you had fun! I love seals, they’re so cute 🙂 And the food toooo, looks so yumm. I’m currently watching Boys Before Flowers, so that partnered with this makes me want to go to Korea even more. Happy belated Birthday!

  3. The park looks absolutely amazing! I like how clean and beautiful the whole place looks. A place ~40 miles from where I live also has the temple with a huge bell in the middle! It’s so cool!

    The museum looks neat as well. Best of all, it’s free. A lot of museums here in Los Angeles costs money to go in as well. I suppose that’s because someone has to pay for maintenance and whatnot.

    The motorcycles on the street reminds me of Vietnam. And all of those animals look cute! Especially the tiger :). The noodles you got looks delicious. And you’re one brave soul for taking a bite out of that chili pepper.

    Take care!


  4. wow! i’m so inggit. i’ve always wanted to visit south korea 🙂 but to be honest, i don’t have any idea about daegu (in fact this is the first time i’ve heard of this city… lame me hoho). thanks for sharing the photos. the street foods look so yummy ❤

  5. Aaaah, it’s another Korean eye-candy blog post! It’s actually the first time I heard of Daegu and it looks really beautiful! Ah, if ever I get a chance to visit Korea some day, I hope I’d also get a chance to visit Daegu aside from Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. Haha!

    I would love to visit Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park & Dalseong Park and try the street food!!

  6. You seemed to have a busy morning! Thanks to your photos, it ‘s like I was having a walk around those interesting looking places. I do miss oriental temples since nothing like that is in London. And the noodle! I like the look of it very much. Even though I do like Japanese ramen, I also love clean broth comes with Korean noodle too. You must show us more!😘

  7. love seeing all your adventures!!
    the animal pics were particularly brilliant – just realised i’ve never seen a bear up close. it’s so cute!

  8. South Korea looks so beautiful! The architecture and landscape is stunning!

    Those museum photos remind me of when I worked at a museum. I actually gave a tour to a South Korean news anchor once. I met lots of interesting people. 😛

    The food looks so good! I wish there were more places here to get foreign foods. I love trying new things. ^_^

  9. Hahaha! That looked like such a fun trip! I like the shots of the zoo animals, a lot! They’re a nice change of pace from your usual subjects. I enjoy seeing the different monuments and all the food that you get to experience as well, though. I’m glad those are there too!

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