YongPyong Ski Adventure


Last November 29 & 30, the university agreed to treat the foreign students to a ski adventure at YongPyong Ski Resort to which a large percentage of the total expenses they shouldered. Each person paid 50,000 krw with transportation, snacks, 3 meals, accomodation, ski suit and equipment rental, entrance fees, ski tutorial, and lift passes. I know, it’s really very very cheap because that amount would typically be enough for a 2 day pass and lift only.

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We arrived there at 6 pm of the first day. The deal was to get into an intensive tutorial that night so that we could ski all day the next day (9 AM – 4 PM). I swear I was really excited to try but when I was on the plates itself, trying to maneuver my self, it was the complete opposite of what I was thinking. I slipped several times but the good thing was I wasn’t able to bump on anyone. Lol. Likewise, everytime I would slid down the slope, I have to carry the two big ass plates back on top because we weren’t entitled with a lift pass that night.

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The resort is one of the best ski places in Korea, and I guess, one of the most expensive too. I ought to say that I enjoyed the experience and I would totally love to try it again the second time (but most probably I have to spend 3 times or more than what I previously paid). For more information, like fees, location, and slopes available, you can visit the YongPyong website here.

26 thoughts on “YongPyong Ski Adventure

  1. I love the pictures and it does look like fun. I can imagine that I would be terribly as skiing or it would take me a long time to get the hang of it. 😑

  2. I seriously have no idea how it feels to really experience snow. I mean, it looks sunny but there’s snow everywhere and you don’t seem to be wearing thick clothes, with bonnet and stuff and you don’t look cold out there. Haha. I want to experience snow, and ski too! Oh, how I wish. Haha

  3. Considering it was a school-like event/function, I imagine they received a special price for the students to go. I’m not entirely sure, however, since I’m on the other side of the world, but that’s usually how similar things happen here. It looks like a beautiful, fun place, though!

  4. great post , fantastic photo’s. hopefully next time i visit korea again I can visit that ski place πŸ™‚ ~~ too bad it doesn’t snow where I’m residing 😦

      1. hopefully next winter πŸ™‚ I was in seoul last april, I fell in love with the country πŸ™‚ such a lovely place.

  5. The resort looks beautiful! I can totally see what it is one of the best, great pictures! I wish I could ski. It’s the biggest mission to walk with them though! I remember I used to have these field trips in elementary school to go skiing, but I was always too scared to go any further than the training grounds haha. Maybe one day.

  6. This looks like so much fun. I really love snow but I haven’t tried skiing before. I have the feeling that I’m gonna fall flat on my face or fall and turn into a giant snowball… I guess I spend to much time watching cartoons *smile*

    Happy holidays!

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