Before I Leave Korea

It really sounds cliche (and it is also cliche to start a paragraph like this, hence cliche-ception lol) when we say that time flies so fast. But it really does. Here I am, inching closer to my flight date going back home to the Philippines. Before doing so, I wanted to take a last glimpse of the near escapes that I have been going to here in Gumi, South Korea.

 photo Bb7KbLZIEAAfIjJ_zps0088a6dd.jpg  photo photo31_zpsdf104a65.jpg

The two nearest city centers to my university (Kumoh National Institute of Technology) would most probably be Okgye-dong and Kumi-yok. Okgye-dong is much nearer which only takes 5 minutes by cab. I go here for immediate purchases or if I don’t feel like going too far. I also do my groceries often here at Okgye. Kumi-yok (Gumi train station) is farther which is 20-25 minutes by cab but of course, choices are of wide variety. There’s a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, international brand clothing shops, and of course the local market.

 photo photo1_zps9e49edf6.jpg

Starbucks goodies and fatties. Most snacks in Starbucks Korea (and most probably Starbucks in other countries as well, lol obviously) are the ones I can’t find in the Philippines. My favorites would be the macarons, greek yogurt, and bacon and gouda artisan sandwhich.

 photo photo2_zpsaf7c709f.jpg  photo photo3_zpse529cd25.jpg

Whenever I’m in need for thrift shopping, I always resort to Gumi Sijang which is located across the Gumi train station. All sorts of clothes (from winter clothes to fancy socks to beanies), souvenirs, delicacies, cosmetics, bags and shoes, etc. can be found here at a much cheaper price. One thing that I surely miss is this stall of rice cakes and fish cakes that is just so perfect in this winter weather. Plus, it won’t hurt your wallet much even you devour a lot. I wish I could bring home some of those to the Philippines though.

Gyeranpang or eggbread, fresh from the hot plates at Gumi Jung-ang Sijang. I am a bit sad that I’ve only discovered this a few days before going home.

Still at the market, I rushed to buy some cute socks for presents. I think I bought more or less 10 pairs of these cuties. This is my kind of Christmas tree here in Korea. Kidding! One of the first things I noticed about Korean fashion is that it is amazingly fascinated with printed socks. Everywhere you go whether at high end malls, markets, underground shopping malls, or even street stalls, you will find these adorable feet warmers. The price sails in the same range at all places, approximately 1000-3000 KRW.

I think that’s it! A few more days and I’m off to my home land. I ought to say that I really miss my country (and my family and friends) but I never knew that 4 months here in Korea is just enough to make me fall in love with it and make me want to come back some day. Chalga Korea! Annyeong~

Note: This is a collated post from my mini blog which I have been updating regularly.


30 thoughts on “Before I Leave Korea

  1. It is really wonderful that you have been able to have such a good time and really see and feel so much of the country. I hope you have a safe trip home.

    I love socks! I would have trouble, because I would want to buy them allll.

  2. Soooccckkksss…. I’m just drooling. I have tons already but I can never have too much. I’ll take every fancy socks I could get. haha.

    It’s good to hear that you are enjoying Korea. I am enjoying reading your posts too. And don’t be sorry for having a late reply. It’s actually me that replies super late.

    Have a safe trip and Happy Holidays.

  3. Sorry for not commenting for a little while. I don’t have internet. 😛

    You always take such awesome pictures. Especially of food. Yum. LOL. I wanna visit where you live! It looks so beautiful. :3

  4. This is like a wrap-up post. Hehe. From the first time I’ve been here, I’ve been reading your Korean blog posts already. Now that you’re leaving no more Korea-related posts. Or maybe there would be more? Hehe

    The street food look really delicious. I want to try those too. Haha.

  5. So interesting to see Korea through your eyes! It always suprises me how different korea ist to europe, thank you for sharing!
    Found your blog by searching through blog matter members, pretty glad I did.

  6. Love the photos! Makes me want to visit korea too! 🙂 The egg bread thingies looks delicious too 😉

    I do hope you’re able to get back soon to Korea again.

  7. Hello 🙂
    I love the photos on this. Do you colour correct/edit them? They have a gorgeous rich colour. And the other thing I love is the snowfall on your blog. It’s so pretty 😉
    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, all the details are on my latest blog post (, but I just found your blog and yourself very interesting, so figured you might want to be involved! 🙂
    All the places you mentioned look awesome. What’s it like studying in South Korea? It sounds pretty awesome 😛
    Soph x

  8. Cute socks they sell there! They look so fuzzy too! Your pictures make me want to visit Korea–I really want to go to Jeju Island, I heard it’s nice there.

    Happy new year, Chester!

  9. Awesome pictures, pictures related to travel are my favorite.
    The Starbucks’ over there have a lot of stuff compared to the ones over here. Would love to try one of those macarons.

    At least you have great pictures to remind you of your time in Korea, hope you have a safe trip back home!

  10. WOWWWWW that eggbread dish looks amazing. Anything with eggs & I’m there! That video you shared with us is really neat. I loved the way the cook just flipped the bread over with ease. Sounds like South Korea’s Starbucks is…a very Americanized Starbucks with things we probably don’t even stock in the wait, we probably do hahha.

    I love fish cakes! Some boba shops carry fish balls & octopus balls so I always order them when I’m there. Closest thing I can get to fish cake -_-

    Mmmm your trip to SK sounds divine. Too bad you only discovered the eggbread a few days before you had to leave..actually, it’s a good thing, don’t you think? You’d probably pig out on the eggbread if you discovered it the first day you landed that you’d never discover anything else because you’d be on an eggbread diet! Hmm, maybe not, that’d be realllly extreme.

    Those are cute socks! They would make nice presents. 🙂

  11. The snacks at that Starbucks are nothing like the ones that are here in Texas. :O MACARONS?! We definitely don’t have those in many places here in the south. 😐 That artisan sandwich also sounds yummy, and we don’t have that, either. .-.

    Your trip to Korea sounds like it was a blast, though. I love the printed socks! All but a few pairs of my socks are printed; they’re also ‘mismatched’, as I bought them or received them in ‘mismatch sock’ packages, and I don’t usually wear matching socks. :p

  12. Ah Korea! I know you enjoyed the place so much, more times than we enjoyed looking at your photos. 🙂 4 months is never a long time but sure it’s enough to appreciate what the country has offered you. Welcome back to PH!

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