The Fatkidinside-ish Food

For the past few days, I’ve been pulling off an Erwan Heussaff on the meals I prepared. I’m not quite sure if these bunch can be classified under “non-fattening food” but I’m pretty sure they are at least…healthy? I guess. Most of my home cooked meals consist of the same ingredients like quinoa, basil, and tomatoes. My mom bought me two bags of quinoa a week ago. I grow my own basil and I buy my tomatoes in the local market. Anything else, I just find in the kitchen or maybe old stocks in my pantry.

Quinoa, basil, and cream cheese egg wrap
Tomato basil omelette
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
Egg, chorizo, grape, quinoa salad

Basically, the main ingredients to each meal is in the name itself. If you wish to get the recipe itself, I’m most willing to share it with you. Just send me an email which you can find in my contact page. 🙂


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