Bucket List

Like everyone else, I have a bucket list of my own. I am posting it here on my blog so that I can hold the public (my readers) accountable to whatever I put on the list. I think I am more likely to accomplish these goals when I know that people are keeping an eye on what I shall achieve.

Also, I may add some achievements that I have done prior to publishing this list, hence the term reverse bucket list as mentioned in Kisty’s blog. Likewise, this list will continue to grow as I slip in items that I may have thought along the way.

This list will remain as long as I have the capacity to get up from my bed every morning when I wake up. Here we go.

  1. Spend my birthday on a different country. November 3, 2013 (#BIRTHDAY2013)
  2. Attend a music festival.
  3. Stay in a Korean sauna. October 12, 2013 (Seoul trip Day 2), November 15, 2013 (Busan in Black)
  4. Learn how to drive a car and get a driver’s license.
  5. Go skiing. November 29, 2013
  6. Spend 20 Euros (at max) at the Borough Market in London.
  7. Have a photo curated to th VSCO grid. December 4, 2013 (With Honor)
  8. Change my hair color.
  9. Try smoking a cigarette.  January 2014
  10. Rent an apartment at NYC.
  11. Set a dandelion on fire.
  12. Go skinny dipping at a beach or pool. November 15, 2013 (Busan in Black)
  13. Own a cat.
  14. Eat an authentic Rendang, Satay, and Nasi Goreng at Indonesia.
  15. Dress up for Halloween.
  16. Walk to the top of Eiffel tower.
  17. Run a marathon.
  18. Bake a cake.
  19. Visit Jeju Island at Korea. November 22, 2013 (Fantastic Jeju)

8 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I’m contemplating if I should do #2 next year. There’s a festival called Laneway and Haim is going to be there, but I’m not a hipster and I don’t really know the other bands but I plan kasi to go back to Manila on March so… Haha. Labo. ALSO GO FOR IT: CHANGE YOUR HAIR COLOR!!!

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